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Search Help

Easy tips for getting the most from your search

When using our search page, more plans will be shown by filling in fewer of the fields.

The initial results page contains basic information about the plan. It will include a thumbnail elevation, the plan type (one story, two story, etc.), the square footage, and the number of bedrooms and baths. This way, you can review the thumbnails of the front view fairly quickly, along with basic information, without reviewing the detailed info for each one.

  • Quick Search

    Select the plan type (one story, two story, etc.) and the minimum and maximum square footage requirements.

    If either width or depth is an issue for your lot requirements, fill in the most restrictive dimension. (For example, the widest a house could be and fit within your building line is 52 feet. You would fill in “52” for the “maximum width”.)

    If width or depth is not an issue, do not fill in this section.

  • Advanced Search

    Use the quick search method of searching. Add to that, important features that you “must have” within the design. Try different combinations of features, but don’t try to fill in all the fields.


    Number of bedrooms may be a “must have” feature. But, if you also select the number of baths, you limit the number of choices of available stock plans.

    Often, selecting “3 car garage” will limit your choices of stock plans. Many of our designs can be modified for a 3 car garage. Therefore avoid selecting this option, especially if you are looking for another feature as well.

  • Trouble Shooting

    Q: Every time I do a search, I see “No plans were found that match the provided criteria.” What am I doing wrong?

    This message often results from filling in too much information. It is also possible there are no stock plans available in the range you are searching. Try using the quick search method.