A chase, as it pertains to new home construction, is a vertical space in a wall that provides an area for pipes or wires to run through. These chases are placed in a strategic way so that cables can be gathered and run together.


A chase is simply installed from a single open space to another. For example, it may run up a wall from the basement to the upper level of your home or the attic. Chases are similar to conduits but larger. They allow for more wires to run through their centers.


When you move into a new home build that utilizes chases, you will want to know where they are before you pound nails into the wall. In most cases, a chase will be located in a common wall. Once you have determined where a chase is, you will need to know where the stud bays are located.


The number of chases that will be used in your home will depend on the number of rooms, the number of floors and how much low-voltage wiring will be put in. Your home designer can give you more information about the chases in your home. The more wiring your home requires, the greater the number of chases.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding chases versus conduits for your custom home plan, speak with your home’s designer. You and your home designer can discuss your needs for your home and determine which option will be best for your new build.