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How to Read a Blueprint for a New Home

You’re interested in building a new home so you’ve started browsing pictures online. Even though the images are gorgeous, it’s hard to get a feel for the actual size of the rooms. For this, you’ll need to look at a blueprint. A blueprint is a two-dimensional diagram of a home that shows the layout, indicating room measurements and the placement of features like doors, windows, toilets, showers, closets, and major appliances. You can learn a lot about a home when you really understand how to read a blueprint. Following are some tips to help you do just that.


What is a home blueprint?


A blueprint is an overhead view of one level of a home, as if you removed the roof and looked inside from above. You’ll see lines of varying thicknesses and along with symbols, some that make sense and others that might be unfamiliar. The drawing is then combined with a series of notes and other plans (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) to provide all the information necessary for construction. For your purposes, the blueprint is all you need to “read” to understand the flow and features of your new home.


What do the different lines mean in a blueprint?


The diagram of a home is made up of symbols. A blueprint includes a variety of lines — solid, dotted, and double — and you should know the meaning of each one on a blueprint. A solid line indicates a wall, interior or exterior. Some plans use a thick or double line for an exterior wall and a thinner one for interior walls, to provide clearer distinction between the two. 


A dotted or dashed line does not represent a wall. Think of the dotted line as a marker, but not necessarily structural. This line can symbolize a variety of details, like:


  • The division between rooms in an open-concept plan – A dotted line could indicate where the kitchen is intended to separate from the living and dining areas, because there’s no actual wall there. In a space like a formal dining room or flex room, there could be a dotted line to show the opening. That means there is no door, but you can close it off with French doors if you’d like.


  • Where the flooring changes – For example, from hardwood to tile


  • A ceiling treatment – Like a beam, coffered, or tray ceiling


  • A feature that is not part of the structural footprint – This could be an opening from one level to the other (e.g., vaulted ceiling). You’ll likely see “OPEN TO BELOW” on the second level’s blueprint, which shows that this is an open area and does not have a floor.


  • Items like the upper cabinets in the kitchen and the seating space beyond the kitchen island


  • Where items like shelving are included – As in a pantry or closet


How are doors shown on a blueprint?


Your home has different types of doors: exterior and interior, as well as single, double, sliding, pocket, and barn doors. A conventional single or double door is always illustrated with a line and an arc that shows which way the door swings open. The line of the door is thinner than those used for the walls.


A sliding or barn door on a blueprint is shown with a bold line for the door and is marked on the wall in its open position. A barn door will be drawn just parallel to the wall while a pocket door will be marked with a solid line that is laid over the wall where it will be hidden in its pocket.


Can I tell the size of the windows on a blueprint?


A blueprint will show you where the windows are placed but not the height of each one. A window is drawn with parallel lines that separate the solid lines of the wall where they will be installed.


How do I read the bathroom layout on a blueprint?


You’ll see the various bathroom fixtures drawn in symbols. The vanity is marked with an oval within a rectangle. The blueprint might have dual vanities, but if the second vanity is optional, it will be drawn in a dotted line.


A bathtub is indicated with an oval. A shower stall is a square or rectangle; it’s often marked with an “X” filling the space, which indicates it is only a shower and doesn’t include a bathtub. A tub and shower combination can be drawn as a rectangle within another rectangle.


How can I figure out the size of the rooms?


Blueprints include the dimensions of each room, under the title of that space. In a dimension like 10’x12’, the first number represents the width of the room, and the second number represents the length. Some architects place furniture symbols in the rooms to give you a sense of how standard pieces — like a queen or twin bed, sofa, or dining table — fit there. It’s helpful to know the size of your current rooms so you can compare them to those on a blueprint.


As you browse our 1,000+ new home blueprints, if you have any questions about how to read them, give us a call — we are happy to help!


Top-Selling House Plans of 2021… And What to expect for 2022

As we bring this year to a close, we’re taking a look back at our top-selling house plans of 2021. Generally, homebuyers were drawn to easy elegance and casual luxury  — homes with large outdoor living areas, open-concept living spaces, and private, tucked-away bedrooms. As we move into 2022, our customers are still interested in these home styles, but they’re customizing  them with features that meet their particular needs and lifestyles. Here’s a look back at our top-selling new home plans of 2021, and a peak at some of our most in-demand plans for 2022.


Most Popular House Plans of 2021


Contemporary Craftsman

You may be able to spot traditional Craftsman-style homes from their wide porches, thick support columns, low-pitched roofs, and exposed beams. Contemporary craftsman is a new take on this timeless style that weaves in sleeker lines and up-to-date floor plans that fit modern lifestyles. The kitchen tends to be centrally located in the open floor plan, and bedrooms are tucked away for privacy. These homes still incorporate lots of natural materials, like wood and stone, to lend a warm, cozy feeling. 


Craftsman House Plan Highlight: Azalea Park

4 Bedrooms | 2.5 Baths | 2-Car Garage | 2,182 Sq Ft

Plan Features:

  • Main-level owner’s suite
  • Wide, covered front porch
  • Screened-in back porch
  • 2-story, vaulted family room with fireplace
  • U-shaped kitchen with center island

See more Craftsman house plans. 


Modern Farmhouse

Cozy yet sophisticated, rustic in some ways and polished in others, the modern farmhouse is the perfect blend of country and city that’s uber popular right now with interior designers and families alike. A modern farmhouse features wide open spaces, neutral color palettes, natural elements like wood and metal, and decorative wood details like shiplap and beadboard.


Modern Farmhouse House Plan Highlight: Kensington Creek

4 Bedrooms | 3 Baths | 2-Car Garage | 2,960 Sq Ft

Plan Features:

  • Main-level owner’s suite
  • Formal dining room
  • Main-level, multi-purpose guest room
  • Semi-circle kitchen island
  • Built-in kitchen desk area

See more modern farmhouse plans.



The ever-popular ranch house plan is the epitome of easy, casual living. The single-level plan is easy to navigate, whether you have young children or mobility concerns. With a spacious, open-concept, a ranch-style home typically features an open flow between all the rooms, and unobstructed access to all parts of the home. The low-pitched roofs and general rectangular shape add to the easy maintenance of this style of home.


Ranch House Plan Highlight: Blantons Trace

4 Bedrooms | 3.5 Baths | 2-Car Garage | 2,073 Sq Ft

Plan Features:

  • Oversized kitchen island
  • Vaulted Porch and Outdoor Dining Room
  • Full Basement
  • Optional second level
  • Bonus Room

See more ranch house plans. 


If you’re interested in any of these plans to build your own new home in 2022, or if you’d like to see others like them, please contact us. We’d love to help!

Can I Change the Front Elevation on My House Plan?

A lot goes into designing the front elevation of a new home. We take into consideration the style of the home (Craftsman, modern farmhouse, colonial, etc), how many windows are needed to optimize natural light, various materials (stone, brick, siding), and what’s trending in home design. But while the front elevation may seem like the most important aspect of a home (first impressions do count!), there are actually other features to consider first.


Because front elevations are a sum of parts that can be easily switched out for others, the most important things to focus on when building a new home is the floor plan and the desired square footage. If you love the house plan, but you’d prefer a different front elevation, it’s often an easy switch, as long as the roof line stays the same. When roof lines need to be modified to accommodate elevation changes, an architect may be needed to redraw plans. 


While the short answer is yes, your front elevation can be changed, there are a few instances where changes may be restricted. Some communities have homeowner’s associations or ARBs (architectural review boards) that create rules for how front elevations can look. This is to maintain a uniform aesthetic and universal appeal of homes throughout the community. For the same reasons, we typically design a few different elevations for the same house plan, so that home builders can add variety and interest to the look of a neighborhood as they are completing homes, but keep the overall “look and feel” of the community intact. 


If you are building a new home on your own land, there’s typically no need to worry about community guidelines, and we can alter the elevation to meet your requirements or to take advantage of the orientation of the home on the property. For example, you may want to relocate window groupings to take advantage of views or the rising/setting sun.


Here is an example of the Huntington Ridge house plan that was designed with three varying elevations:


Huntington Ridge (a)



Huntington Ridge (b)



Huntington Ridge (c)



At Frank Betz Associates, we pride ourselves on creating modern house plans that look fantastic and are ready to be built. However, they can all be customized to meet a buyer’s personal preferences, a builder’s needs, or a community’s requirements. Learn more about our plan modifications and custom designs.


Floorplan Spotlight: Modern Farmhouse Design

At Frank Betz Associates, we aren’t just experts in all things home, we’re experts in all things important to you. We make it a priority to not only stay ahead of prominent design trends, but to listen to what modern homeowners like you are looking for in a home — the coziest and most reliable place in the world. 

Warm, stylish, and inviting, it’s no surprise that our farmhouse plans are the most popular we offer. With timeless design that incorporates contemporary flair, homeowners enjoy a living space that looks fresh and feels familiar. Take a look “inside” our modern farmhouse-style plans and experience the magic for yourself!


Farmhouse Exterior Features

Whoever said “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” has certainly never come across one of our modern farmhouse homes… With an absolutely stunning aesthetic that’s quick to touch your heart (and pique your curiosity), there’s no way you can glance at one of these living spaces and not want to go inside for more. 

With a mix of stylish features like clapboard, board-and-batten sidings, multiple gables, battered entry columns, stone pedestals, timbers, metal roofing, clean trim lines, warm front porches, and more, an exterior of one of our farmhouse-style floor plans is truly a sight to see — and signifies that you’ve finally made it home.


Interior Features

Like the beautiful features found on the outside, the interiors of our farmhouse-style plans include everything that makes the little moments special. Our main floors are open and welcoming, anchored by gorgeous kitchens that “feed” out into the rest of the space. Apart from grand rooms, dining areas, and guest and master suites, these contemporary and cozy homes also offer peaceful and private covered porches for relaxing.

With thoughtful touches like beautiful vaulted ceilings, regal windows, and design elements that allow for plenty of natural light, these special floor plans truly look and feel like your greatest vision of home. In a space specifically built for families to experience their happiest moments, life only gets better by the day. 

Want to explore more of what makes our farmhouse-style floor plans so unique? Here are a few of our most popular plans:


Hickory Flat

4 Bedrooms | 3.5 Baths | 2-Car Garage | 2,205 Sq Ft

Plan Features:

  • Main-level owner’s suite
  • Covered front and rear porch
  • Optional 2nd floor with 4th bedroom and bonus room


Northfield Manor

4 Bedrooms | 4.5 Baths | 3-Car Garage | 3,878 Sq Ft

Plan Features:

  • Main-level owner’s suite
  • Covered front porch
  • All bedrooms feature en suite bath and walk-in closets


All of us at Frank Betz Associates can’t wait to meet you and discuss your perfect farmhouse-inspired home. For more information, please call 888-717-3003.

The FAQs of Choosing a New House Plan

You’ve heard there’s no place like home, but the truth is, there’s no place like YOUR home, and you want to learn as much as possible before you begin building one. If you’re thinking of purchasing a house plan, or are about to start the process, you’ve probably got questions. Because we want to provide you with as much information as possible, we compiled the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 


We see a plan we love but want to make changes. Can we modify a plan? 


Yes, it is common for customers to choose a stock house plan and modify it to suit their needs. Purchasing a pre-designed stock house plan saves you money while still getting the design expertise and knowledge you would from a custom plan. The choice of a stock house plan saves time and money because most of the work is already complete. To modify a plan, come up with a “wish list” of changes and email it to us at and we’ll send a quote to you.


What if I need the plan flipped and the garage on the opposite side?


With modern CADD (computer-aided design) systems, producing drawings and documents either right-reading or reversed is a very simple task and is readily available.


Do you design custom homes, too?


The design process is what we do best! Our vast knowledge and experience makes Frank Betz Associates the best choice for conceptual design whether it’s a one-of-a-kind custom design or a speculative design. Even if you have drafting or CADD capabilities, we would really like to produce the design concepts. Floor plan design, elevation design — we do it all.


How much does it cost to build a house plan?


The price of building a plan varies greatly based on the location and materials used. We recommend consulting with a local builder or real estate professional about the cost-per-square-foot in your area. 


How much does it cost to buy a house plan?


Pricing for stock plans is at the discretion of the plan owner; however, within the industry, pricing for similar products from one designer source to another is fairly consistent.


How is the square footage calculated on a house plan? 


Designers and architects all calculate square footage differently. Some include exterior materials and volume space; others do not. Different architects may have differing square footage totals for the same plan. Also, certain tradesmen and sub-contractors will have their own method of calculating square footage related to their individual trade and scope of work. Our square footage calculations are made from outside the exterior frame wall and only include heated spaces. 


I love the floor plan but do not like the front of the home. Is there anything we can do?


It is relatively easy to change the exterior style of a particular design, within reason. Not all styles are architecturally correct for every plan, but that is typically left up to the discretion of the designer or architect to decide. We encourage our customers to find a floor plan that suits their needs, and if the exterior is not to their liking we will work with them to create a pleasing exterior.


Do you post pictures of your finished house plans?


Photography legitimizes our house plans. It is comforting to prospective buyers to know that someone else has experienced using the plans and has built a house based upon them. Graphically, it is so important to see pictures because some people cannot easily visualize the final structure. It is a huge benefit to work with someone who can see/think in “three dimensions” and visualize what the outcome will be. It is a must for someone wanting a career in this business!


We depend on our customers to send in pictures of our finished house plans. If we have pictures available for any house plan, they will be on our website! Make sure you check our Gallery for extra pictures as well! 


Do your plans meet local building codes?


Building codes change from one area to another. It is of utmost importance to check with the permitting department or code enforcement officers in your area before starting a project. When a customer is purchasing a stock house plan, it may need to be modified to meet your local building code.


How expensive is it to modify a plan?


Modifications are strictly a “time spent” issue — the more involved the request for changes are, the more they will cost. When you begin to make a change to the plans —  no matter how involved — you introduce the need for human assessment, which adds to the expense. 


Still have questions? Contact us  — we’d love to help!


custom house plan designs

Need a Personalized or Custom House Plan? We Can Help!

Building a new home should never be a cookie cutter process. Every person and family’s needs are unique, so even the most perfect house plan on paper may not work in reality. That’s why, at Frank Betz Associates, we are happy to accommodate almost any change to our existing, award-winning house plans, or even start from scratch and develop a custom plan just for you. We work from a library of trend-setting, modern, remarkably-functional house plans, so making an adjustment is typically an easy process. Here’s how we do it:


Modify an Existing House Plan


We offer hundreds of house plans, so if you can’t find the perfect one, there’s likely one that will serve as a great starting point for your unique home. Whether you want to make one change or 10, we recommend starting with a base plan so that you can envision how your home will look. The process is easy:


Step 1: Select a house plan that you love from our extensive collection, then fill out and submit the Modification Request Form


Step 2: We will get back to you within 3 business days with an estimate for the work and the time needed to complete the modified plan.


Step 3: We will deliver the finished product dependent upon the license that is purchased.  Regardless, all files are created using exceptional quality control standards and exact precision.


Here are a few of our most frequently requested modifications, and ones that we can make for you, too!


  • Upgrade to a 3 Car Garage
  • Add/Delete Living Space or other square footage
  • Add a Floor Over a Two Story Area
  • New Front Elevation
  • Garage: Front to side load or vice versa
  • Add Front or Back Porch, Screened Porch, Sunroom or Deck
  • Change Exterior Building Materials
  • True Reverse of Plan
  • Post and Beam Basement
  • Slab Foundation Plan
  • Change Exterior Walls from 2″ x 4″ to 2″ x 6″
  • Adjust Plan for Handicap Accessibility


A note about timing… 


The time it takes to return a final set of plans will depend on how many jobs we have in queue. We take great pride in making sure every set of drawings is accurate, so we don’t rush through any job just for the sake of getting it done, including yours. Home is the most special place in the world, and we give each the respect and care it deserves. 


We do, however, realize that some of our customers may be on a tighter deadline than others, so if you or your builder have local CAD resources, or we are happy to pass on the final concept and design work so that you may get it drafted to meet any internal deadlines. 


While we are able to make any revision or modification to our existing house plans, if the changes become so extensive that they are no longer economical or feasible, we may recommend starting from scratch with a custom house design. Our designers have years of combined experience, and can easily determine early on in the process if a custom design is appropriate.


Design a Custom House Plan


Our designers are happy to work closely with you to develop a custom house plan that meets all your needs and accommodates your lifestyle. The custom home process is divided into two phases: design phase and construction document phase. We’ll work closely with you on both to make sure you leave with the house plan of your dreams. 


Design Phase: Our designers will work closely with you to develop an initial concept. Through a series of approximately 2-3 meetings, as a team we will meticulously work through ideas for the first floor, second floor, and front elevation. While we will take our time and explore all ideas until we have the concept just right, we pride ourselves on being intuitive as well as in-tune with each client to efficiently work together during this phase.


Construction Document Phase: Here is where your new home begins to come to life! Once the design is approved, your plans are transformed into a set of CAD files, which represent your home at 1/4″ scale and with dimension. Now you can start to visualize how your home will flow, where furniture will be placed, and where you will spend your time during different parts of the day.  If you are already working with a builder/contractor they can provide input regarding the type of plans they require.  After any necessary revisions, your house plan will go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure the accuracy and quality for which all our designs are known. 


The custom home design process typically takes about 6 – 8 weeks until you have a final house plan in hand. Through constant phone and email communication, we’ll keep you up-to-date on where we are in the process, and when we need your input, so you never have to guess. 


If you are interested in a personalized house plan, or a completely custom one, we can help! Browse our house plans and gallery, then give us a call at 888-717-3003 to get started. We can’t wait to start designing with you!


best selling craftsman house plan frank betz

Top-Selling Craftsman House Plans


Craftsman homes first appeared in the early 20th century as a rebellion against the mass-produced, excessive, ornate Victorian styles that were popular at the time. Shifting focus back to natural, functional, and handmade elements, the original Craftsman architects focused on building homes that were simple, efficient, and low maintenance. 


Today, Craftsman-style homes, like those you’ll find on our website, have sleeker lines and more modern interiors, though they still feature the wide porches, thick support columns, low-pitched roofs, exposed beams, and natural materials like wood and stone that were used in the early 1900s. On the interiors, these homes open up into large living rooms, the kitchens tend to be centrally located in the open floor plan, and bedrooms are tucked away for privacy. 


At Frank Betz Associates, the Craftsman is one of our top-selling house plan styles. Though we offer 148 different variations that vary in elevation, number of bedrooms, and square footage, there are three that our customers request time and time again.




With 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths (including a jack-and-jill bathroom), and 2,707 square feet, the Sonoma has plenty of space for the entire family, plus guests. The first floor — with its wide covered front porch, two-story foyer, open-concept kitchen and family room, plus formal living and dining spaces — is meant for gatherings of all sizes. Upstairs, the owners’ suite is large and luxurious, with a tray ceiling, a vaulted bathroom with separate soaking tub and shower, vaulted sitting room, and private covered porch. The additional three bedrooms are spacious and placed well apart for privacy and quiet. 


Castle Rock


One-story living at its finest, the Castle Rock plan includes everything you need for comfortable, yet elegant, living.  Whether it’s relaxing with neighbors on the welcoming front porch, having a quiet glass of wine on the back deck, or entertaining in the gourmet kitchen and large family room, you have space to do it all. With 3 or 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, flex rooms, and 2,336 expertly-designed square feet, this is the home for you if you crave function, style, and beauty in one package.




A classic Craftsman aesthetic coupled with modern design sensibilities make the Altamonte the perfect plan to call home.  This well-proportioned home is easy to live in, with rooms flowing naturally into one another, making the best use of form and function. The tucked-away location of the first-floor owners’ suite guarantees privacy, and with a separate soaking tub and shower, every day will feel like living in a luxury resort. The other downstairs bedroom can easily be used as a home office, private gym, or nursery. Upstairs there are two additional bedrooms, along with a vaulted loft overlooking the family room that’s perfect for a playroom, sitting area, library, or any other space your family needs.


Excellent craftsmanship, thoughtful layouts, and today’s modern conveniences create simple, easy, living in these popular Craftsman-style homes. For more information about how you can purchase any of these in-demand Frank Betz house plans, please contact us at 888-717-3003.


2019 Kitchen Design Trends | Frank Betz Associates

At Frank Betz Associates, we know that the kitchen is where the heat happens — so we always incorporate the hottest trends into every design. From holiday brunches and celebrations to milestones and weeknight meals, there are so many memories waiting to be made in your kitchen, which means you deserve nothing less than the best. If the kitchen is the heart of the home… then one of our house plans is where you truly belong.


From more space to gather with guests to contemporary, sleek appliances, homeowners today are looking for entirely different kitchens than they were even five years ago. One of the reasons our Frank Betz team is so trustworthy is our ability to constantly stay on top of trends, and incorporate what matters most to you into your expertly designed house plan. Take a look at a few of our favorite things that we include in our beautiful kitchens: 


Massive Islands with Pendant Lighting and Seating:


Whether you’re a Sunday-morning-breakfast kind of person or a big fan of weeknight wine tastings, a large center island in your kitchen is the perfect place to relax, gather, and enjoy whatever it is you love most. Complete with pendant lighting and comfortable seating, there’s nowhere else you want to get “stranded.”


Built-In Refrigerators:


Refrigerators may do the most important job of all (keep our delicious foods safe and sound!) but let’s face it… they should take up the least amount of space as possible. When a refrigerator is built into the cabinetry of the kitchen, they make efficient use of space and look incredibly sleek while they’re at it.


Commercial Ranges with Decorative Hoods:


Who says that ranges can’t be stylish? While this part of the kitchen isn’t typically the first thing that comes to your mind, our sleek ranges serve as a focal point when they’re paired with a decorative hood. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, this pair of appliances adds a trendy touch to your kitchen.


Open Shelving:


Openness in homes is now on the rise, and shelving in your kitchen is no exception. While traditional design called for closed cabinetry, our modern house plans incorporate shelving where everything can be seen. This way, you can get creative with how you display your items, and utilize pieces that enhance the vibe of the room.


If you’ve been looking for a house plan that lives the way that you do, Frank Betz Associates has the perfect fit. Our kitchens are expertly designed with contemporary trends to make your everyday life even more special, and we can’t wait for you to experience one for yourself. For more information, please call 888-717-3003.

Featured House Plan: Meet Mahogany Springs

When you finally come across “the one,” you’ll know it right away… With steeply pitched gables with brackets, mixed exteriors materials like stone and siding, and double columns on pedestals, our Mahogany Springs house plan is love at first sight — but wait until you step inside.

With a modern charm and timeless coziness, this gorgeous home offers the perfect blend of luxury and function. On the main floor, you finally get to enjoy the company of family and friends without the barrier of walls — in your warm and inviting open-concept living area, your best memories and meals are waiting to be made.

A flex room provides an abundance of space that can be used however you wish, from a formal dining room to a media space. Best of all, your stunning master suite is exactly what you’ve always envisioned, with elegant design and contemporary features, including a spa-like bathroom with a free-standing tub and walk-in shower.

On the second floor, you’ll fall in love with the convenience of a sleek tech center at the top of the stairs, which is ideal for computers, games, or homework, as well as secondary bedrooms that share a compartmentalized bathroom. If you want even more space, an optional bonus room can be turned into whatever you dream up.

Not to mention, a vaulted covered porch and front porch extend the beauty of your home to the great outdoors, so you can enjoy all of the little things that make life so sweet — from mornings with a good book and coffee to evening dinners with your family under the stars.

Whether you’re a growing family or a couple who loves to entertain and enjoy an abundance of personal space, this craftsman style house plan embraces and enhances any lifestyle. With an expert, thoughtful design that’s just as comfortable as it is contemporary, this home truly is a place unlike any other. For more information, please call us at 888-717-3003. All of us at Frank Betz Associates can’t wait to work with you!

Featured House Plan: Meet the Seneca Falls


There’s something undeniably charming about a modern, farmhouse-style home; it’s sleek but cozy, luxurious but warm, and of course, as stylish as a living space can get. At Frank Betz Associates, we’re always excited to design innovative, livable house plans that reflect what homebuyers want today — say hello to the Seneca Falls, a true beauty that proves the right home really does exist.

With a steeply pitched gable roof and wide porches, the exterior of this home is truly dazzling. In fact, it disproves the age-old idiom: don’t judge a book by its cover… Anyone who glances at the outside of the Seneca Falls can be sure that the inside is just as incredible!

Just past the charming foyer, a wide open living space waits with open arms for friends, family, and guests alike. A family room with a beamed ceiling and cozy fireplace connects to a beautiful kitchen with a casual dining area, large pantry, and home management center; perfect for both entertaining and relaxing.

From dinner parties and holiday brunches to weeknight family meals and morning coffee, the kitchen and open living area provide the thoughtful space needed to enjoy the little moments that make life so special. Best of all, a vaulted covered porch and outdoor dining area connected to the family room offer the added pleasure of the peace and privacy of the backyard.

Past the stylish main floor, which also comes with a mudroom, a convenient laundry area, and a guest suite, the second floor provides the essential comfort needed in day-to-day life. From the master suite and vaulted master bathroom ceiling to three spacious bedrooms, everything a family needs to rest and recharge is right up here. Plus, an optional bonus room adds more space (and personality) to this cozy, contemporary floor.

Whether for a growing family or for a couple who loves to entertain as much as enjoy an abundance of personal space, the Seneca Falls house plan enhances any lifestyle. With a high-quality design that’s every bit as detailed and thoughtful as you deserve, this home truly is a place unlike any other.

For more information on the gorgeous Seneca Falls house plan, please call us at 888-717-3003. All of us at Frank Betz Associates can’t wait to work with you!