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Remembering Frank Betz

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Frank Betz, founder of Frank Betz Associates and a pioneer in the residential design industry since 1976. Frank was an innovator, great talent, and nimble businessman. He will be terribly missed, though he has left us an extraordinary legacy to carry forward.


Frank graduated from college in 1976 with a degree in architectural and civil engineering technology. He immediately went to work for a convenience store developer, but was not satisfied. He felt the strings of entrepreneurship pulling, and set out on his own as an illustrator/renderer and draftsman. In April of 1980 he founded Frank Betz Associates (FBA) in Atlanta, GA. 


This was a time of great economic growth and development for the City of Atlanta and its suburbs. FBA thrived by servicing the home building industry with design, drafting, and advertising offerings. His client list grew quickly and included many of the top real estate developers in the region.


Spurred by suburban housing development, FBA flourished from 1988-1992 when the company entered the stock house plan business by partnering with third-party publishers and publishing its own catalog of in-house plans. For over 10 years, from 1993 until the mid-2000s, FBA was named “Best Selling Designer” by Builder magazine. The company is also an Aurora Award winner, among many others. 


Frank Betz continued leading FBA until his semi-retirement in 2004. He maintained his interest in the company and provided strategic advice and support while dabbling in other business ventures, including real estate development and restaurant ownership. In retirement, he enjoyed playing golf and putting on his best poker face in Las Vegas. Frank was a generous and fun-loving person who enjoyed all aspects of work and life. 


Today, Frank Betz Associates’ solid reputation and respected status in the industry remains because of Frank’s creative vision, strong foundation, and exemplary work. The team today is proud to uphold the values and traditions he instilled in the company from the very beginning as we maintain his legacy and move the company forward. We are proud designers and drafters and look forward to continuing to provide expert services to home builders and homeowners alike in the memory of Frank Betz. 


Frank Betz Associates is proud to have been a contributing resource to THE COMPLETE HOME BUILDING GUIDEBOOK written by Mr. Howard Zuckerman.
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What Makes Frank Betz Associates the Best Choice

Any homeowner or builder knows that when a house plan is designed the right way, the entire living experience is significantly impacted for the better. Today, people are looking for modern features and a foundation that reflects comfort and luxury all at once — and when these needs are met, every day opens up new doors. 

At Frank Betz Associates, we understand house plans like the backs of our hands. When we create a blueprint that will become someone’s living space, we use our over 100 years of combined experience, as well as our care and passion for home, to ensure the greatest result possible. Here’s how we make the magic happen:

We Keep Up With Trends

When it comes to home design, it’s safe to say that trends emerge as quickly as they fade. At Frank Betz Associates, keeping up with what homeowners actually want is part of what makes us the most reliable choice. We know that a home’s layout plays a major role in any homeowner’s happiness — which is why our knowledgeable, skilled, and perceptive team is always on top of the desirable home trends of the moment.

We Have the Experience

There’s something to be said for industry professionals who have “seen and experienced it all.” Having been in business for 39 years (almost 4 decades!), we know exactly what it takes to design house plans that builders can trust and homeowners can fall in love with more and more each day. We have an extensive background servicing builders, which means we complete every job with builders and their businesses in mind.

We’re Good Listeners

Everyone deserves to be heard. Especially when it comes to new homes, having a group of professionals who act like partners and genuinely listen to every opinion and concern is what makes all the difference. At Frank Betz Associates, we don’t just say that our “customers come first” like everyone else does, we actually embody it. One of our biggest priorities is allowing everyone we work with to have a say and feel as confident as can be.

We Understand Great Products

Plain and simple, our team understands great products. In fact, we live and breathe them. Based on our success for the past 39 years, it goes without saying that we know exactly how to utilize cost-efficient design to create outstanding products at prices that people can be happy about. Our team wants nothing more than to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide the absolute best house plans at the best value — always. 

For more information about our exceptional house plans, please give us a call at 888-717-3003. All of us here look forward to working with you! 


Franks Betz Operation Finally Home Project

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Donald Davenport Chosen for Operation Finally Home

Members of America’s Armed Forces, men and women alike, work diligently every day to defend our Freedom and American way of life. The work they choose always results in some degree of sacrifice. Sacrifice that includes time away from loved-ones and family, physical and mental injury and the ultimate sacrifice of surrendering their own lives.

All Americans owe the citizen soldiers unlimited support and gratitude for the work they do. Frank Betz Associates is proud to support and be part of a special group: Operation Finally Home. The group builds and provides mortgage free homes to deserving veterans and their families. Frank Betz Associates is honored to be a house plan provider to Operation Finally Home.

On August 18, 2017, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Donald Davenport, a Purple Heart recipient and his family were presented with The Nickerson design. The home was provided by Operation Finally Home in Newnan, Georgia. Representing Frank Betz Associates was Laura Segers, Vice President of Sales Operation.

For more information about Operation Finally home, visit them at

You can view images from the event below: