If you are wondering what a dormer is, you aren’t alone. People talk about them, and many times they talk about different things. Some people are referring to an upper-level room, and other people are telling you about a window in the room. It’s the second group that’s right.


A dormer is typically utilized when people convert their attic space. You can see it from the outside as a rectangle shape protruding from the roof. People often add windows to add more light into the room and enhance curb appeal. The purpose of a dormer is to give the homeowner more room in what would otherwise be a steeply pitched room.


Every dormer does not look the same. The way a dormer appears depends on the space in which it is installed. There are some different “looks” to dormers that include:


  • Doghouse: this has two sloping planes that are connected at a ridge.
  • Eyebrow: this dormer looks like a curved half-circle.
  • Recessed: this type of dormer does not protrude, but sits back into the roof.
  • Shed: this is a very simple dormer that looks like a tall box.

A dormer can expand your living space, making room for a growing family. They can be stylish and add a great deal of value to your home. If you are interested in converting an attic or upper-level room, an experienced home designer can help you make the right decisions. Different types of dormers enhance the look of different homes. Speak with your designer to be sure you are adding to the look of your home, not detracting from it.