The word “batten” has multiple meanings in the home building industry, and the exact definition will depend on the part of your new home you are speaking of. In general, a batten is a strip of solid wood or other material. It may be used for roofs, walls and exteriors. The following briefly outlines cases in which you may discuss batten with your home builder.


Roofing: Battens in roofs are also called roofing lath. They are used as a fixed point for shingles or other roofing materials to be secured to. Battens may be utilized in traditional roofs and in the increasingly popular metal roof.


Walls: Battens may be used when building the home’s walls. They are used to fix different materials, such as shingles or tile. When home builders utilize rainscreen construction, battens are used so that walls dry out faster after a hard rain..


Siding: Board-and-batten siding is a popular exterior option. Vertical boards are placed along the exterior of the home, and batten is used to cover the seams. Board-and-batten construction may also be utilized to make custom entry doors.


Batten can be seen on a variety of homes, but it can also be hidden away from view. If you would like to learn more about batten or are interested in how it can be utilized in your custom home design, reach out to an experienced home designer. Your designer can show you how batten can enhance both the strength and curb appeal of your new home.