Bay Windows

Bay windows are a popular option for the front of a home or in any room of the home where ample natural light is desired. A bay window is often confused with a bow window, but there are major differences.


A bay window has three openings, while a bow window has four or five. A bay window typically has a center window that is flanked by two smaller or slimmer windows. This type of window appears angular on the outside of the home. A bow window create a rounded appearance.


Because of its angular design, a bay window is commonly thought to be more appropriate for a modern home, while bow windows are used in Victorian homes. That said, which type of window a homeowner chooses depends on their preferences.


It should be taken into consideration that a bay window protrudes from the home farther than a bow window. They also do not allow as much natural light into a room as a bow window might, because they have fewer glass panes. Bay windows cannot be wrapped around the corner of a home, but need to be installed on a single section of wall.

If you have more questions about how a bay window can enhance the look of your home and allow more light into your room, speak to an experienced home designer. You have many options when it comes to windows in your custom home plan, and a bay window may or may not be the right choice for you.