Brick Veneer

Brick is a popular option in home building, but it can be expensive. New homeowners who want the look of brick without a drain on their bank account may choose brick veneer. This type of building material is installed as a freestanding wall. It is anchored to the house and supported by a foundation.


Brick veneer costs a great deal less than traditional bricks. When it is placed professionally, it looks very similar to a true brick wall. Installing a veneer is easier than installing a brick wall. While installing interior brick veneer could be a good project for DIYers, it is typically recommended that exterior veneer only be installed by a professional.


Veneer walls are easier to insulate than traditional brick walls. Brick veneer, when used in the interior of a home, can also provide noise reduction. Veneer can withstand extremes in weather better than bricks can, and is often easier to repair when necessary than a brick wall. These veneers add warmth to the interior of a home and curb appeal to the outside, making them a fantastic choice, especially for anyone who wants the look of brick without the same cost.

If you would like to learn more about how brick veneer can be utilized in your new custom home plan, reach out to an experienced home designer. Such a professional will be able to tell you if veneer is a good choice for your project. A home designer can also provide you with the cost differences between brick and brick veneer, helping you make your decision.