Crawl Space

If you’ve never had a home with a crawl space, chances are you’ve heard of them but may not know exactly what they are. A crawl space is a sort of compromise between a slab foundation and a basement. It has a few advantages over both.


A crawl space is more cost effective than having an entire basement poured. It is comparable in price to a traditional slab foundation. Your plumbing and duct work can be run through the crawl space, making them easy to access and repair if necessary. Another advantage to a crawl space is that it elevates your house off the ground.


One of the disadvantages to a crawl space is moisture. If dampness builds in a crawl space, mold can grow. To keep water out, a proper drainage system must be installed, including perforated pipe and gravel. When a crawl space is properly finished, it can be used to store items much like a homeowner would use an attic.


A crawl space can be used for any type of home design, but it does not make sense for every homeowner. For some, a basement is a better option as it provides more room now and can be adapted to a changing family in the future.


If you would like to discuss your basement options for your custom house plans, speak with your experienced home designer. A professional can help you decide between a traditional slab, a crawl space and a basement, depending on what you want out of your home.