Double hung

A double hung window is the most common type of window in the country. A double hung window has a traditional look, operating on a sliding up and down basis. Such a window may be divided into squares or individual panes or plain glass.


There are advantages and disadvantages to a double hung window. Advantages include durability, versatility and ease of cleaning. A double hung window is also one of the best choices for those who wish to install window air conditioning units. Double hung windows add curb appeal to almost any type of home style.


Disadvantages include the fact that these windows are often not as airtight as other types of windows. Double hung windows also offer limited ventilation because only one section of the window can be open at a time. For a person shopping for new windows, double hung replacements can be a good option if the current windows are old. If the windows are newer, however, double hung may not provide a trade off when it comes to cost of purchase versus energy savings.

If you have more questions about your window options for your new home build, speak with an experienced home designer. With the number of windows on the market, there are choices that will make sense for your needs and the design of your home. A home designer can help you choose the right windows for your new house, ensuring that you are happy with your choice for the foreseeable future.