A footing is one of the most important components of a home build. Footings are typically made with concrete and rebar and that is poured and fitted into a trench. A footing is what keeps the foundation from sinking into the ground or settling and cracking. The footings of a home are most important when the soil upon which a home is built is loose or shifts easily.


It is important that a professional construct and install footings. In order to be installed properly, the soil condition must be taken into consideration. A professional can determine the depth that footings need to be placed at, and they can determine the necessary dimensions. If the footings are not installed properly, the structure can crumble in only several years’ time.


Concrete footings may also be used in the construction of pergolas, decks and retaining walls. Any structure that needs to be stable and is build directly upon the ground may require footings. It is always recommended to at least speak with a home designer before adding structures to the outside of your home or property to be sure they will be installed correctly.

As you are having your new home designed, your home design expert will walk you through the process step-by-step. Your designer can explain footings to you in greater details and discuss the depth and dimensions of the footings being used to support your house. Speak to your designer if you have any questions during any point in the building process.