If you are looking at a home and wondering if you are seeing a gable, take a closer look for two sloping roof planes. Think of it as an upside-down V on the front of a house. Gables are most often seen in Victorian architecture, or gingerbread houses, but can be utilized on any house type depending on the owner’s style and taste.


Gables not only occur at the front of a house, but can be found on the sides of some houses. When this is the case, the house is called side gabled. In many cases, there is some type of ornamentation added to the gable to give it a fanciful look. It is often the detailing that draws the eye to a gable. Windows may be added under a gable to further enhance the appearance of the exterior of a home.


Gables are also often present on Tudor Revival homes. These stately homes have a dramatic flair and are found across the United States. An experienced home designer can help you design a home with gables that are classically tasteful or modern and fanciful. Your home may rival that of one found in Victorian England or one pictures in your favorite fairy tale.

If you are interested in adding gables to your home, speak with your home’s designer. A properly installed gable will enhance the curb appeal of your new house, but one that doesn’t mesh with the design of your home will certainly detract from its appearance.