When you are having a new home built, you may hear your construction team talking about headers. These may be included in floor construction or during masonry work. In a floor, the header is connected to the trimmers.


More specifically, a floor is framed out. There are joists that run parallel to each other and at regular intervals. Joists will run the area between walls, foundations or beams. Joists are spliced over some type of support. Blocking and bridges can help the joists from twisting. When there is an opening, joists are capped with headers.


In masonry work, a header is the stone or brick that sits at right angles to the face of the specific work. A header, in masonry work, may be called a through stone. In some builds, if it makes sense for the construction of the project, each brick that is laid is a header. This is known as a header course. Headers are used to strengthen a brick wall and for other applications.


One of the  most important thing, if not the most important, is making sure that your home is constructed in a way that is safe for you and your family. By choosing an experienced home designer and a professional construction company, you are helping to ensure that your home is a safe one.

If you are interested in having a home built for the specific needs and tastes of your family, speak with an experienced home designer to learn more about your options.