The landing, or platform, of a flight of stairs is the area of space immediately at the top or bottom of stairs, or in-between series of flights. Landings are necessarily to allow stairs to change directions, an important component of building design and flow of traffic. Landings are also used to give people space to take a break from climbing stairs and are sometimes fitted with benches or more inviting rest spaces.

When a flight of stairs hits a landing a makes a 90 degree directional change, that landing is referred to as a quarter landing. A full landing is referred to the space where a flight of stairs makes a 180 degree change in direction. Different landings are used to create beautiful spaces, visuals elements, design, and putting stairs in locations they would otherwise not be able to go. Landings can be expensive, but are necessary and helpful for a variety of building situations.

If you are interested in learning more about adding landings into your custom house plan, a local home design team can answer your questions.