A lintel is a horizontal structure placed over and supported by two posts beneath it. Using these tools, post and lintel construction is one of the oldest forms of construction in human society. Post and lintel construction was used to build both Stonehenge and the structure that support the front porch of the White House.

The flat top piece, supported by posts underneath, is the lintel. Ancient civilizations and modern cultures alike have used ornamental carved lintels while building structures of value and significance: Mayan temples, Buddhist caves, shrines, tombs, and city gathering places. Modern lintels can be made from a wide variety of materials with different techniques to create sturdy structures that look beautiful.

Although post and lintel construction has been preserved at ancient sites around the world, one flaw in the engineering is that the lintel will sag in the middle over time where there is no supporting post below.

Lintels can be an ornate addition to your custom home plan. Speak with a home designer today to learn more.