Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete is a construction material stronger than concrete used to create a variety of impressive structures all over the world. Concrete by itself is not strong enough to build large walls, slabs, and beams. By passively inserting steel bars into the concrete before it is poured or before it sets, the concrete becomes much stronger.

This method of construction has been used for over a hundred and fifty years and dates back to builders dabbling with ways to keep concrete holding together better. A variety of patents for things like reinforced concrete flower pots emerged before buildings were able to successfully implement the techniques into structure building. Some of the famous structures in the world that were constructed with reinforced concrete are the Hoover Dam, the Willis Tower (Sears Tower), and a variety of breathtaking structures that seem to defy our senses.

Many home constructions include reinforced concrete, especially for the foundation. To learn more about using this material in your custom house plan, speak with a home designer today.