A roof saddle, also known as a chimney saddle, is required whenever a chimney comes out of the house in the lower part of the roof. In other words, any time a chimney is not situated at the peak of a house, a roof saddle is needed to help water and debris fall off the house properly.

To install a saddle, the ridge is formed by cut 2 X 4s and covered with shingles. The finished product is a small saddle, allowing water to properly divert around the chimney. A saddle is necessary when a chimney protrudes anywhere other than the peak of the roof.

Without a saddle, water will run down the roof and hit the place where the roof and the chimney meet, pooling and eventually working into the roof and causing leaks. A leaky roof can become a major problem with time if the proper steps are not taken to fix the problem.

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