Although the term soffit can refer to the underside of a variety of architectural structures, it’s most commonly used to refer to the underside of the section of the roof that extends over the wall. The soffit, also called the eaves, is an important part of keeping moisture out of your roof.

The pitch of your roof allows water to roll down off your roof, but your soffit prevents the wind from blowing the moisture back up into your roof after it makes its way down. Different materials have different purposes for the climate of the region the building is located in or to accomplish different aesthetic goals.

It’s important for homeowners to inspect the soffit of their home once a year when they look at their gutters. Fixing a problem with a soffit is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of fixing a problem after water has had time to build up inside your roof or wall.

An experienced home designer can assist in picking the right design and materials for soffit in your custom home plans.