5 Things to Love About a Reverse Ranch

A reverse ranch is a type of floor plan that is opposite of your typical ranch home. In a reverse ranch floor plan, the outside looks just the same, but instead of having additional bedrooms and living space on a second floor, they’re located on a lower level, while the main living space and master suite are on the main floor. There are a few things that really help you fall in love with a reverse ranch.


1. Beautiful Views

Especially nice in vacation homes, the beautiful views you get from a reverse ranch can’t be beat. You’re sitting off the ground level so you can see past the trees or over the city skyline for a much longer distance. This is especially true on lots with rear views and sloped lots like you would find on a golf course or a lake.


2. Perfect for Empty Nesters

A reverse ranch, such as the Taunton Place floor plan, is great for empty nesters because there is plenty of space for everyone to stay and visit. However, when the family leaves, the lower levels can be closed off, still leaving you with plenty of space on the main floor for your day-to-day living. No worries about rattling around in a too big house here! 


3. Lower Costs

You get more space for lower costs with a reverse ranch floor plan. Since you already have the main level foundation supporting the home, the extra space below is simple to frame in a finish out. Not only do you save on the costs per square foot in building, you also save on utility costs. When no one is occupying the lower level, go ahead and close it off. You won’t have to pay for heating or cooling and can greatly reduce monthly expenses. 


4. Rental Opportunities

Particularly if you’re in a popular vacation spot, floor plans like the Lake Pointe offer an opportunity for renting. Live on the main floor and rent the lower level out using platforms like Airbnb. If this is your vacation home as well, you can rent it out for time periods when you aren’t around. The expanded floors make it perfect for families or multiple small families traveling together who want their own space. 


5. Extra Storage Space

Along with the finished space on the lower level, there is usually extra unfinished room for mechanical areas and storage. All the extra room in the reverse ranch floor plan can be really helpful, and you’re not paying much extra for that space at all. Later, you may even decide to finish some of it and add more living space or bedrooms. 


Choose a Reverse Ranch

When you’re getting ready to choose a floor plan for your new home, consider a reverse ranch. The dynamic floor plan is a great choice for retirees, families, and for those looking to get away from it all for a weekend. For a wide selection of beautiful floor plans, contact Frank Betz Associates, Inc.

5 Exciting Farmhouse Plans For 2022

Farmhouses have come a long way from their roots in the soil of rural, isolated homesteads. They line the streets of busy urban neighborhoods and quaint suburbs all across America. With pitched gables, clean lines, and homey porches, modern farmhouse plans give home buyers two things: timeless elegance and contemporary amenities.


If you want a farmhouse in 2022, here are five designs from Frank Betz House Plans that blend rustic simplicity with modern ingenuity.


Coles Crossing

Our Coles Crossing farmhouse is built for family time. While the lustrous white siding and wide porch lined by exposed wooden beams hearken back to farmhouses of old, the durable metal roof brings this design firmly into the 21st century.

Inside, you’ll find a kitchen that flows seamlessly into the living room. An abundance of natural light floods in from multiple large windows, including into a cozy loft any teen would love to call home. This two-floor, four-bedroom farmhouse has two bathrooms so everyone has time to get ready for the day.


Selwyn Park

If you have an active family that still makes time for BBQs and family game night, the Selwyn Park four-bedroom farmhouse is for you. Wooden double doors welcome you home while the covered porch with grill and dining area out back is the perfect spot to relax.

This farmhouse has four bedrooms and a spa-like master bathroom for a little you time. Combine that with beamed ceilings and large window groupings for a farmhouse that’s as charming as it is luxurious.


Shaker Heights

Fieldstone and timber on the porch, vaulted ceilings and a cozy fireplace — those are the things that make the Shaker Heights five-bedroom farmhouse home. Meet the family in the covered back porch dining area or the kitchen-side breakfast nook to share a meal. There’s room for a home office, study, den, and for everyone to have their own personal space.



Like the Shaker Heights plan, the Teesdale has raised ceilings, a fireplace, and a covered outdoor dining area, but the exterior is a unique blend of classic gables, timber, and modern contrasting colors and textures. This almost 3,000-square-foot farmhouse doesn’t fade into the background.

While the open-concept family and dining rooms bring everyone together, each bedroom has its own bathroom for busy mornings when everyone needs to go their separate ways.


Waterbury Cottage

Do you retreat to cozy mountain cottages on vacation instead of packed beaches? The Waterbury Cottage farmhouse plan could be your dream home. On the first floor, you’ll find three bedrooms and two bathrooms surrounding a dining room, great room, and dedicated dining area. Once again, everyone will love the covered porch and outdoor dining area in the back.

If that’s not quite enough space, add a second story onto this floor plan. Whether you need a home office or another bedroom with a walk-in closet, the optional second story is a quiet spot with tranquil views.


Find These Farmhouse Plans at Frank Betz House Plans


If crackling fires, summer BBQs and classic Americana architecture flood your daydreams, you can have it all with Frank Betz. Check out our inventory of custom floor plans then let us help you find the right local builder. From farmhouses to sprawling ranch-style homes, we can customize any plan to fit your needs.

Three Cost Efficient Floor Plans That Are Perfect for Your Next Home

Designing the perfect home can be an extremely costly experience. To get the home of your dreams while staying within your budget, read on to find out how to find a cost-efficient floor plan that meets your every need.


What Makes a Cost-Efficient Floor Plan?


There are several characteristics of a cost-efficient floor plan. Find one that includes the features listed below, and you’ll be sure to stick to your budget.


Simple, Straight Lines

Simple, straight lines are not only pleasing to look at, but they are also incredibly cost-effective. Keep roof lines simple and side and rear walls straight for an elegantly modern exterior with great curb appeal.

A Modest Footprint

Opting for a cozy floor plan with a modern footprint is a great way to keep your home cost-efficient. Homes with modest footprints require less energy to construct, so you’ll save in plenty of areas, such as the foundation and even building materials.


No Offsets in the Foundation

One simple way to cut the cost of your floor plan is to eliminate offsets in the foundation. Though they are common, each foundation offset increases your bill once again. Removing offsets altogether is an easy way to ensure they don’t interfere with your budget.


The Beauty of Value Engineering

Frank Betz Associates’ unique concept of “Value Engineering” gives you yet another way to cut costs. Value Engineering lowers the cost to build your home by eliminating waste with regard to materials. Efficient use of materials means the necessary quantities are lower, and so is your bill.


Three Cost-Efficient Floor Plans from Frank Betz Associates


Frank Betz Associates has the experience and knowledge to help you design a home that is both gorgeous and budget-friendly. Below are three cost-efficient floor plans that are perfect for your next home.

Azalea Park

Azalea Park is a wonderfully cozy cottage that you’ll have no trouble settling into. With a functional design and three bedrooms, your family will be right at home in this modest two-story design. Relax on the screened-in porch and enjoy the natural light that floods the house throughout the day.


Haddington House

Create a place of belonging with a Haddington House floor plan. This modern farmhouse is the epitome of warmth and charm; welcome your guests home from an expansive front porch and entertain for hours in the connected kitchen, dining, and living spaces.

Waterbury Cottage

Sleek and modern, the Waterbury Cottage floor plan is packed with an open floor plan and wide windows to let the sunlight in. Though it features modest square footage, Waterbury Cottage is spacious due to its open spaces and strategic compartmentalization.


Contact Frank Betz Associates today to find the cost-efficient floor plan that’s right for you.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right House Plan

One of the most exciting times in your life can be deciding to build a new home. Here at Frank Betz Associates, we know that choosing the right house plan depends on how you use your home and how it fits with your lifestyle. From the size and shape, to where the rooms are located in relation to each other, every part of the home can affect your experience, so knowing what you really want is crucial. We have six tips for choosing the right plan for your new home.


1) Figure out what size home will best suit your needs. 


Choosing a house plan should start with how you envision living in your new home, what type of layout works best, and how you would use each space. Square footage is a great place to start. How many square feet do you live in now? Is that suitable or too little/too much? Having a general understanding of home size will help you begin to narrow down plans. 


2) Determine what style of home you prefer and fits your budget.


Are you ready for the ease and convenience of single-level living? Or would you prefer the room count and privacy options of a 2-story home? Perhaps a split level home might fit your lifestyle best. Again, think about the way you live today and what style of home might improve it. If budget is the driving factor in your decision, keep in mind that it’s usually more cost effective to build up (2-story) than it is to build out (ranch). For example, if you prefer single-level living, but still need enough room for family or guests, having an owner’s suite on the main level and all secondary bedrooms on the second level might be a cost effective option.


3) What is the minimum number of rooms you’ll need?


How many sleeping spaces do you need? Could a guest room double as an office or home gym if it won’t be used often? How many bathrooms would make home life easier? Do you need a certain amount of storage space? A private home office? Always start with the minimum requirements because it’s easier to add on to a home design later than it is to remove main rooms from an existing plan. Think about the space you need to be comfortable in based on your daily activities.


4) Consult with officials to determine the correct building envelope.


A home’s “building envelope” is the entire exterior building of your home — its footprint. The land that you build on will likely have requirements or conditions that impact home plan choice, particularly if you are building on a more compact or urban lot. Be sure to consult with building or zoning officials to determine the building envelope that is right for your land.


5) Be honest about your needs and lifestyle.


Preferred features in a home differ depending on what stage of life you are in. Before choosing a home design, ask yourself: 


Is your family situation changing — either growing or shrinking?

Will you need guest rooms for overnight visitors? 

What about additional living space for visiting parents or grandchildren? 

Are you approaching retirement? Should you choose a plan that’s great for aging in place? 

How do you entertain? Do you need a space to prep food and hide the mess? Do you want formal spaces or more relaxed gathering rooms? 


6) Don’t get caught up in the details.


Focus first on identifying the size of home, style, and number of rooms that suit your lifestyle. Once you’ve found a house plan that you love, then you can perfect it. It’s easy to add smaller features, like butler’s pantries, wine storage, wet bars, built-in shelving, and other unique finishes once the size and style of home have been decided.


Remember, starting with a pre-designed house plan is a smart choice because so much of the work is already complete, saving you time and money. Plan license fees start around $1,295 and go up from there. The average cost of modifications to a plan are around $2,000. The total cost to purchase a house plan ranges from about $3,000 to $6,000. This is normal within the industry and a very good investment! A quality design and set of construction documents will more than pay for themselves with savings from fewer construction mistakes and material issues. 


Choosing the right house plan is a critical part of the building process. In the end, the investment in developing your plan is a small line item in the overall cost to build a new home, and will give you peace of mind knowing that you are building the right home for you. 


For more information on choosing the right house plan, or for help narrowing it down, please contact us

Top House Plans for Empty Nesters

At Frank Betz Associates, we believe that for empty nesters, “right-sizing” doesn’t always mean going smaller. As your lifestyle changes, sometimes you just need your space configured in a different way. 


As your extended family grows, and you excitedly welcome your children’s significant others, in-laws, and grandchildren (along with their family and friends), you may need a larger, more open living area to host them all. (Just imagine how much fun holidays will be!) You may also need a few extra bedrooms, and a second den or playroom will come in handy. Above all else, you’ll need to prioritize your comfort, which may mean having the majority of living on one, easy-to-navigate level. 


In some cases, we understand that “right-sizing” may actually mean sizing up! We’re happy to offer house plans to accommodate any need in your next, exciting phase of life. Here are a few options:


Lake Pointe

4 BEDROOMS | 4.5 BATHS | 3,033 SQ FT


In this spacious yet charming home, there are so many opportunities for your entire family to gather! Whether you’re hosting one or ten, there is ample space for guests to sleep comfortably, then come together for meals and memories in the common areas. You’ll also love that most of the living happens on the first floor, with all the features and open-concept layout that you expect in a new construction home.



Taunton Place

4 BEDROOMS | 4.5 BATHS | 3,072 SQ FT


With all your essential living spaces on the first floor, this house plan is perfect for empty nesters, or anyone who enjoys the ease of single-level living. Enjoy a wide-open kitchen that overlooks the vaulted family room and flows right into the sunlit dining room. The owner’s suite occupies a private wing of the home, so no matter how many visitors you have, you’ll always enjoy peace and quiet. 



Briarcliff Cottage

4 BEDROOMS | 4 BATHS | 3,649 SQ FT


You may be an empty nester now, but in this home, your nest will always be full! The lower level features a full, secondary kitchen with a large game room and cozy fireplace. There are also two additional bedrooms on this level with full, attached baths. You can host an entire family (or two!) and everyone will feel comfortable and completely at home.



Hickory Grove

3 BEDROOMS | 2.5 BATHS | 2,917 SQ FT


In this house plan, your home can be as cozy or as grand as you need — it’s your choice! In addition to the first floor and lower level, there is an option to add a second floor complete with a fourth bedroom, full bathroom, and linen closet. On the main level, the keeping room next to the kitchen is a nice touch for enjoying casual family moments together.


If “right-sizing” means having a new space to accommodate everyone you love, contact us for more options, or feel free to browse our home designs

Tour These Popular House Plans Virtually

Our 3D Walkthroughs are interactive videos that allow you to “walk” through our house plans virtually. You control the tour and can visit every room, view every angle, even peer into bathrooms and out of windows. Zoom in and out to see rooms from the exact view you’d like, and quickly jump from room to room. You can even take measurements to determine if your furniture will fit in the space. If you have access to a VR headset, you can even see these homes in virtual reality.


We know how much time it takes to shop for a house plan and find one that you love, but we understand that life is incredibly busy. These 3D walkthroughs go a step beyond normal renderings or 2D illustrations and allow you to see every aspect of a home completely on your terms. They are the next best thing to a physical walk-through. 


Here are three of our most popular house plans that you view virtually, right now!


Blantons Trace

4 BEDROOMS | 3.5 BATHS | 2,073 SQ FT


2-Car Garage

Vaulted Porch + Outdoor Dining Area

2nd Floor Bonus Room with Built-Ins



Chelsea Walk

5 BEDROOMS | 4 BATHS | 3,008 SQ FT


Wide, covered front porch

Optional 2nd floor bonus room

Formal dining room

Vaulted covered back porch

Covered outdoor dining area



Embry Hills

4 BEDROOMS | 3.5 BATHS | 2,601 SQ FT


1st Floor Guest Suite

Vaulted Screened Back Porch

Optional 2nd Floor Bonus Room

Walk-in Closets in All Upstairs Bedrooms


If you’re interested in seeing more virtual 3D Walkthroughs like these, or you’re interested in learning about customization options for any of the homes you’ve seen, please contact us and we’d be happy to send you more information!

cape cod home design frank betz associates

House Plan Spotlight: Cape Cod Design

At Frank Betz Associates, we design homes in a variety of styles. One of our most popular is the Cape Cod home design. Though the style is quintessentially American, the first Cape Cods were developed by early settlers from England in the 1600s. Partially inspired by the simple, thatched cottages common in Britain, the settlers adapted the simple symmetric design to keep out harsh New England winters. In fact, everything about the Cape Cod style was adopted for its function rather than its form. 


Cape Cod House Plans


A traditional Cape Cod-style house is a low, broad, single-story frame building with a moderately steep pitched gabled roof, and very little ornamentation. It usually features a central front door flanked by multi-paned windows either singly or in pairs. There may or may not be shutters but there is typically a covered front porch. Modern Cape Cods may feature steeper pitches creating enough room for a second-story living space under the roof.


Cape Cod-style homes have always been popular for the visual appeal of their high roof lines and attractive dormers, as well as their efficient floorplans. They may be designed with one or more bedrooms on the first floor, with additional bedrooms on the second floor. 


Capes are particularly well-suited to level or down-sloping lots. Our Cape Cods here at Frank Betz Associates come in a variety of sizes, from a cozy 1,085 square feet to a palatial 4,797 square feet. And we can customize them to fit your needs perfectly! Here are a few examples of our most popular Cape Cod house plans:


Beacon Falls – Warm & Inviting

3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bedrooms | 2,216 Sq. Ft.

  • Loft Area
  • Optional Bonus Room


Nesbit Ferry – Open & Airy

3-4 Bedrooms | 3 Baths | 2,409 Sq. Ft.

  • Large Rear Porch
  • Study Nook


Springdale Farm – Classic Styling

4 Bedrooms | 3.5 Baths | 2,551 Sq. Ft.

  • 3 Outdoor Living Areas
  • Option Bonus Room
  • Tech Center


Interested in building a brand new, Cape Cod-inspired home? Contact us for all the details and options; we’d love to help!

Beautiful Photos of Finished Homes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the images of these three finished house plans are priceless. Even with the best renderings, it can sometimes be hard to imagine a completed home. That’s why we’re so excited to share these pictures of the Northfield Manor, the Gulfport, and Hickory Flat house plans. We extensively photographed these homes so you can see how they look when finished, in real life. After all, seeing is believing!


Northfield Manor

4 Bedrooms | 4.5 Baths | 3,8,78 Sq. Ft.


A stunning home with details for days, the Northfield Manor is the embodiment of casual elegance coupled with high style. This Craftsman-style home has unforgettable curb appeal with a wide, covered front porch supported by solid wood columns, a roofline of various pitches, and real stone accents. Inside, the family room is impressive, with a coffered ceiling and transom windows that offer stunning views of the back deck and your yard beyond. The owner’s suite will envelop you in its spacious bedroom with tray ceiling, private sitting area, luxurious bathroom, and deep walk-in closet. There’s more than enough space for every member of your family plus all your guests who will surely visit often.



4 Bedrooms | 3.5 Baths | 2,993 Sq. Ft.


The steeply pitched roof and low slung porches of the Gulfport make for the perfect, classic, low country profile. Here, the front AND back porches are large enough to double as living spaces, while the interior gives you so much room to both spread out and come together. Whether you enjoy hosting formal dinner parties, or just inviting friends over to watch the game (or both!), there’s a space that’s perfect for every activity. The first-floor owner’s suite is secluded and elegant, while the upstairs bedrooms are spacious and private, with none sharing any walls. There’s an option to add a large bonus room above the garage that can serve any purpose you wish.


Hickory Flat

4 Bedrooms | 3.5 Baths | 2,205 Sq. Ft.


The perfect blend of rustic and modern, the Hickory Flat offers casual living spaces with high design sensibility. Family or guests, everyone will want to gather ‘round the gorgeous center kitchen island, whether it’s to help out with dinner, linger for drinks and conversation, or just for the prime views of your gorgeous living space in this delightful, open-concept home. Most of the living and relaxing happens on the first floor, with a single bedroom and large bonus room occupying the second. This upstairs space would be perfect as a guest suite, in-law suite, or even a teenager’s bedroom. The covered back porch and vaulted, screened porch are made for living outdoors, which, in this home, is just as comfortable as inside.


If you love what you see, and you’d like more information about building these three floorplans, or you’d like to see images of any of our other popular house plans, please contact us; we’d love to help!

Remembering Frank Betz

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Frank Betz, founder of Frank Betz Associates and a pioneer in the residential design industry since 1976. Frank was an innovator, great talent, and nimble businessman. He will be terribly missed, though he has left us an extraordinary legacy to carry forward.


Frank graduated from college in 1976 with a degree in architectural and civil engineering technology. He immediately went to work for a convenience store developer, but was not satisfied. He felt the strings of entrepreneurship pulling, and set out on his own as an illustrator/renderer and draftsman. In April of 1980 he founded Frank Betz Associates (FBA) in Atlanta, GA. 


This was a time of great economic growth and development for the City of Atlanta and its suburbs. FBA thrived by servicing the home building industry with design, drafting, and advertising offerings. His client list grew quickly and included many of the top real estate developers in the region.


Spurred by suburban housing development, FBA flourished from 1988-1992 when the company entered the stock house plan business by partnering with third-party publishers and publishing its own catalog of in-house plans. For over 10 years, from 1993 until the mid-2000s, FBA was named “Best Selling Designer” by Builder magazine. The company is also an Aurora Award winner, among many others. 


Frank Betz continued leading FBA until his semi-retirement in 2004. He maintained his interest in the company and provided strategic advice and support while dabbling in other business ventures, including real estate development and restaurant ownership. In retirement, he enjoyed playing golf and putting on his best poker face in Las Vegas. Frank was a generous and fun-loving person who enjoyed all aspects of work and life. 


Today, Frank Betz Associates’ solid reputation and respected status in the industry remains because of Frank’s creative vision, strong foundation, and exemplary work. The team today is proud to uphold the values and traditions he instilled in the company from the very beginning as we maintain his legacy and move the company forward. We are proud designers and drafters and look forward to continuing to provide expert services to home builders and homeowners alike in the memory of Frank Betz. 

Single-Use License House Plans Now Offered in Digital Format

At Frank Betz Associates, we strive to provide the best service to our customers, and seek to save them time and resources by delivering trend-setting, award-winning house plans that meet or exceed end users’ expectations. To that end, we are making a change from printed to digital single-use license house plans that will create more efficiencies in our customers’ building processes.


What’s Changing?

For single-use license house plans, we currently offer customers 5 to 8 printed copies of the plan that cannot be reproduced. The customers can only build one house from that plan. 

Going forward, we will offer single-use license house plans as PDF documents that come with a single-use license. 


Why the Change?

Many counties now require house plans to be submitted digitally for building approval. Previously, customers could submit a paper copy, which they would not receive back.

With single-use license PDF documents, customers can submit a digital copy of the plan to the county, making that part of the building process easier and quicker. If a customer needs printed sets from the PDF, they can order them from Frank Betz Associates, or have copies made at their local print shop. Only one house can be built, no matter how many sets of copies are made.


What’s NOT changing?

Usage of multi-use PDF house plans and CADD files will remain the same. If a customer purchases a multi-use PDF or CADD file, they can build the house as many times as they like. 

We believe this change to digital-only house plans will result in easier management of house plans for our customers, creating more efficiencies, saving them time and money.


If you have any questions about house plan formats, please contact us.