Which Are Better: Custom Home Plans or Stock Home Plans? 

While there’s no place like home, the truth is, there’s no place like YOUR home. Which begs the question: What is YOUR home? More specifically, what’s in your home? Are you satisfied to take an existing plan and tweak it a little or do you have a wish list that will only be fulfilled by a custom design? Let’s have a little tutorial about custom home plans and stock home plans

what are stock home plans


What Are Stock Home Plans?


Stock home plans are pre-designed plans that have been developed by professional designers/architects/engineers to appeal to a wide variety of homebuyers. Rest assured that pre-designed plans are produced with equal care and expertise as custom plans. These plans usually include the most requested features sought in a new home. Such features include common room sizes, traditional layouts, and in-demand amenities. 


The benefits of purchasing stock house plans include:


  • Saving Time. Designing a custom home takes time. Compared to the process of designing a custom home, sifting through stock floor plans is a breeze. Before you even look at them, you can rest assured that the plans have already been reviewed to ensure they are structurally sound and safe. Consequently, you can begin construction more quickly. 


  • Cost-Effectiveness. No two ways about it: building a custom home is expensive. Many homebuyers don’t know that thousands of dollars go into design and development. With stock house plans, however, the design and development process is already complete. While stock plans may not meet all your requirements, the lower pricing allows some wiggle room for modifications or customization. Thus, stock home plans are an incredibly cost-effective way to build a new home. 


  • Variety. Stock house plans are available in a variety of styles, from Craftsman to Country to Cape Cod, and are designed to meet many different specifications. With such a broad selection to choose from, you can really get a feel for what you like and don’t like before making any final decisions.


  • Personalization. Our designers are able to make frequently requested modifications without a lot of extra fuss. This means if you can’t find plans that are exactly what you want, you can easily customize your home plans to meet your family’s needs.


  • Long-term value. Homes built using stock house plans feature room arrangements and other amenities that appeal to the general population, which can make the home easier to sell. These plans have proven value since they have been purchased, built, and resold throughout the country.


custom vs stock house plans

A Comparison of the Two Floor Plans


At Frank Betz Associates, our goal is to help you find a home you’ll love for years to come. In order to do that, you need to find the perfect floor plan. As you compare plans, you’ll want to consider square footage, style, and layout. Finding the plan that fits your needs may involve comparing stock plans and custom plans. Here are some of the essentials of stock plans vs. custom plans. 



  • Get exactly what you want. Working with Frank Betz Associates, you help decide on the size and style of your home. You can request specific features and personal touches, too. 


  • Design to suit your land. The home can be designed to accommodate specific elements or features on the property such as a sloping lot or rocky ground. 


  • Consider the expense. Custom-drawn plans are costly when compared to stock house plans. The larger the home plan, the more design time it will take, resulting in more expense. 


  • Timeframe. If you have a strict timeline or have a projected move-in date, think about how much time it will take to design and develop your plan. Starting from scratch can be a rather lengthy process. Do you have time to wait?


  • Communication skills. You need to communicate well. It is vital that you can express thoughts and ideas easily to your designer. You do not want to waste time and money due to miscommunications.


  • Ensure your new home meets code. Drawing a plan from scratch allows us to include all structural elements to meet building codes.


  • Many decisions & choices. If making decisions is not your cup of tea, you may find this process tedious. You will have to answer seemingly endless questions about the layout, room sizes, exterior details and trim, special features, design elements, etc.



  • Quality & variety. The varied designs offered in stock plans have already been approved by many builders and/or homebuyers. There’s something to be said for that kind of peace of mind. 


  • The same but different. Because they are stock plans, it is almost certain someone else has already built that house. While you may never see this same home, you’ll always know your home is not unique. 


  • Budget-friendly. From selection and quality to convenience, stock plans mean you can get what you want without paying too much. Local laws may not require an architect’s seal on house plans, therefore the costs can be less than fees for “sealed plans”. Check with your local building department to verify whether or not your plans require an architect’s or engineer’s seal. 


  • Flexibility. Even if it’s a ready-made design, some minor modifications can still be made fairly easily to a stock plan. Note that while you can make minor changes to a stock plan, they are not extensively customizable. The plan may work now, but it may not address what you need in the future.


  • Timeline. Since there is no development and design time, your stock home plans will be available quickly. 


  • Local building codes. Every time a stock plan is built, it may need to be adjusted to local building codes. Stock plans may need to be modified accordingly. 


  • Easy & straightforward. Since the designs are already done, there are fewer meetings and decisions to worry about. Easier on the budget – and the blood pressure!  


Connect with Frank Betz Associates Today!

Whether you choose a stock home plan or a custom home plan, a Frank Betz plan is a good investment. Frank Betz Associates is an excellent resource for house plans that appeal to all kinds of homebuyers. Call, email, or visit us online for questions and information about our house plans.

custom home floor plans

Lanier Landing model home exterior shot, small home house plan

The Benefits of Small Home House Plans

For some people, a dream home isn’t necessarily a grand manor with a ton of space and rooms for every person, guest, hobby, and pet. Instead, they appreciate something on the smaller, cozier side, with spaces that bring family and friends together, and are easy to care for. 


There are big benefits to living in a small house. A small home doesn’t mean a cramped home if it’s well-designed. At Frank Betz Associates, our small home house plans are carefully designed and built to maximize interior square footage. Our floorplans of all sizes feature open-concept designs, spacious owner’s suites, ample closet storage, and much more.

Our small home house plans are carefully designed

In this article, we’ll share some of the advantages of living in a small house and a few details about our cozy house plans.


Advantages of Living in a Small House


There’s no arguing that the bigger the house, the more time, effort, and energy are involved. Small homes require a lot less of everything! Here are just a few benefits of living in a small house.



A smaller home typically costs less to build and maintain. That means a lower mortgage payment, lower utility bills, lower taxes, cheaper heating & cooling, and fewer maintenance costs. Just as important as spending less money is living below your means. Living below your means gives you peace of mind and flexibility if you have a financial challenge like losing a job or having a health setback.


Effort & upkeep.

A smaller house is easier to take care of. There’s no way to get out of housecleaning entirely, but if you have a small home, the process is much quicker and easier. Shorter cleaning time = more time to do something you want to do. Plus, with fewer rooms to tackle, a small home helps you cut down on clutter. And when it comes to upkeep, a smaller house means potentially fewer things to repair. When there are repairs, they will cost less compared to a larger house. 

a smaller house is easier to take care of


Unique & interesting style.

One of the biggest benefits of living in a small house is having less space, so you’ll be more thoughtful about what you bring into it. You have to consider colors and finishes, as well as scale. But you’ll be able to focus on purchasing things you love, things that are better quality, rather than stretching your budget just to get something in each room. Custom cabinets. Elegant countertops. Built-ins. 


Warmth & coziness.

Small homes tend to be cozier. They help families gather, and make them closer since they spend more time interacting. When you live in a smaller space together, you learn to work around each other,  play together, communicate more effectively, and respect each other’s space.


What’s Included in Our House Plans for Small Homes?


At Frank Betz Associates, our plans are created with the highest standards. Our House Plans include all of the drawings typically needed for construction, except for site-specific information and heating or cooling requirements. In addition to floor plans, our house plans include elevations, framing plans, and details sheets with miscellaneous specifications for interior trim and fireplace details that can be used to customize the home.


Our Small House Plans offer modest square footage but also provide modern amenities and features found in larger homes. Small in stature doesn’t mean inadequate design. Our small house plans are sure to be welcomed in any neighborhood.

our small house plans offer modest square footage

We have a wide variety of house plans for small homes (many under 2,000 square feet). One- or two-story homes. New England-style cottages or modern farmhouses, craftsman bungalows or classic Georgians. And though these homes may be under 2,000 square feet, we don’t sacrifice on space or style. These plans are well-designed and make great use of every square foot. 


Turn to Frank Betz for Your Small Home House Plan


At Frank Betz Associates, our goal is to help you find the home you’ll love to live in for years to come. Our search tool allows you to peruse more than a thousand designs. As you review plans, you’ll want to consider and compare square footage, style, and most importantly, the floor plans. 


We have some simple steps to help guide you in your search. 


Search The Plans.

To make your search easier, we have categorized our house plans in a variety of ways. You can search by design style, level, size, and more. TIP: Fill in fewer fields to see more plans. 


Save & Compare.

As you find plans that you want to consider, save them to your Favorites so you can compare them later.


Make Modifications.

If you need to make changes to a plan, click the Modify button near the desired house plan. Simply fill in the form and you will receive a written estimate. Or call us at 888-717-3003.


Call Us.

If at any time you need help, feel free to call 888-717-3003. We’re here to make building your next home a great experience.


Send Us A Picture.

When your home is finished, be sure to send us photos to cs@frankbetz.com!


If you’re interested in building a smaller home, we’d be happy to help you find the perfect plan. Contact us to get started

Open door to a new home with key and home shaped keychain. Mortgage, investment, real estate, property and new home concept

Reasons to Consider Build-to-Rent Homes

Over the last few years, there have been many changes in the real estate market. One unique trend that has gained popularity is the investment in build-to-rent communities. Not only are private investors shifting their capital in favor of them, but major homebuilders too. This is due to the change in market demand.


More renters are choosing single-family homes versus traditional apartments for many reasons, like more space for remote working and larger families and community amenities. With over 100 years of combined experience, Frank Betz Associates has the expertise needed to design house plans that will meet the needs of builders, investors, developers, and tenants.


Read on to learn a few advantages of investing in build-to-rent homes and our top house plan designs perfect for this type of investment.

Are Build-to-Rent Homes a Good Investment?

Build-to-rent properties are a type of investment where homes (or, more often, whole communities of homes) are built specifically for rent. These can be single-family dwellings for renters seeking the benefits of a new construction home without the mortgage requirements. Along with advantages for the tenants, there are many advantages for investors.

See why build for rent homes are a good investment

More Long-Term Tenants

Build-to-rent properties offer the lowest vacancy levels because of the many ways they appeal to potential tenants. This is especially true for Millennials and Gen Z age groups, who may not be able to obtain homeownership yet. Newly constructed single-family homes built with higher quality and excellent property upkeep are an attractive alternative to traditional apartments. Rather than renting for about one to two years, we’re now seeing a 70% resident renewal rate for build-to-rent properties.

Why you should invest in build for rent properties

Strong and Increasing Demand

After the pandemic, people began leaving big cities for properties in the secondary market, such as single-family rentals. Tenants from multi-unit apartment complexes are flocking to this option now more than ever, and industry experts expect the trend to continue. 

Higher Risk-Adjusted Return

Along with the stable investment of residential real estate, adding build-to-rent properties will help streamline efficiency and ensure lower vacancy. They can use strategies to create a balanced portfolio and file everything to avoid potential risks. As a result, portfolios with these strategies will allow investors to capitalize in each market segment and benefit from the portfolio associated with vacancy, liquidity, maintenance, and market valuation.

Better Rent Growth 

Control over rent rates is a major benefit of this type of property investment. Since 2017, there’s been a significant increase in rental prices, and most markets expect to see rent growth exceeding inflation while maintaining occupancy. When combined with a robust property management system, investing in build-to-rent communities will bring in high income that could become an inflation-shielding investment.

Choosing the Location

Instead of waiting to find single-family homes in foreclosure, built-to-rent homes are an excellent investment that lets builders, developers, and real estate investors strategically select the homes’ location. Imagine the possibility of choosing markets with lower property taxes. Also, with the high demand coming specifically from the Millennial and Gen Z age groups, the option of developing in communities near sought-after job opportunities can result in an even better ROI.

Examples of Our Build-for-Rent House Plans


Within the 1,835 square feet of this house plan, renters will find a large kitchen island that opens to the spacious vaulted family room. A flex room at the front of the house is ideal for whatever they need, like a dining room, living room, or den. The second-floor hosts all bedrooms, including a jacuzzi tub and his and her walk-in closets in the owner’s suite. Renters will enjoy the convenience of a laundry room in the hall, steps from the two family bedrooms.

Oak Grove

A house plan like this is perfect for future tenants who want upscale features. In the owner’s suite alone, they’ll find dual walk-in closets, a shower and garden tub, and tray ceilings. There are 3 additional bedrooms in this 2,386-square foot plan, one with its own walk-in closet. The first floor provides an open layout with an easy flow, a fireplace in the great room, deck access, and a large kitchen with an island. Near the breakfast nook, a computer room provides a great place for WFH tenants or a homework space for kids.


This house plan is perfectly suited for an infill lot and makes for a cost-effective option. In less than 2,500 square feet, there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The stone and shingle embellishments provide lovely curb appeal to attract many tenants. It also has walk-in closets in the owner’s suite as well as in two of the three remaining bedrooms. A rear deck is a perfect spot for tenants to have more outdoor space than they’ll find in traditional apartment options.

Liberty Park

A country-style home with plenty of space in the common living areas for quality family gatherings. Specifically in the kitchen, tenants can enjoy a home-cooked meal out on the deck, in the dining room, or even on the large snack-bar island just off the family room. There’s a window-side tub in the owner’s suite for a much-needed retreat for tenants. The second-floor laundry room will also provide convenience, generous walk-in closets in the owner’s suite, and two additional bedrooms.


There are many reasons why build-for-rent homes and communities are a good investment. Frank Betz Associates is an excellent resource for house plans that appeal to potential tenants. Call, email, or visit us online for questions and information about our house plans.

Happy multi-generational family father, son, grandfather hug each other sitting on floor in cozy home. Male generations

Multi-Generational Homes Are Not Just Practical, But Popular Too!

Home designs and plans have changed a lot over the last several years. As the population grows and lifestyles change over time, so do the styles of homes. At Frank Betz Associates, we don’t want to just move with the times but set the trends for future house plan designs. One of the rising trends is building multi-generational homes. This style of home is the perfect solution to the ever-changing ways of life when it comes to family, finances, and living space needs. If you’re not familiar with multi-generational styled homes, we’ll explore what they are and all of the advantages of living in one.


Some Facts About Multi-Generation Housing

Kensley Downs - Original - Elevation

What is multi-generational housing? They are specifically designed homes that allow more than one generation to live under the same roof. For instance, your parents, yourself, and your children. The basic rule of thumb is that at least two adult generations are living together, so that could include an older child as well.


It’s becoming much more common for families to choose multi-generational living. One in every five Americans is living in this style of home, with a third of adults saying the main reason is for caregiving of an elderly family member. There are also a lot of cases where finances are the reason. For instance, adults between 25 and 39 are moving back in with their parents due to financial struggles or to build their finances before moving out on their own.

One in five americans live in a multi-generational home

There are other unique benefits, aside from being able to take care of elderly parents or save money. Space and privacy may seem like they’d be issues in this type of home. However, their unique layout actually accommodates it. Additional suites, living areas, and private bathrooms allow families to each have their own space without sacrificing togetherness.


Quality family time is another wonderful benefit. Sixty percent of parents living with an adult child rate the experience positively overall. Homes are a place for families to spend quality time together, learning family recipes, playing games, and understanding each other. With a multi-generational home, you and your family can have even more opportunities to build lifelong memories and build stronger bonds, which can create an overall happier quality of life.


Floor Plans with In-Law Suites? We’ve Got You Covered!

Drawing of in an in law suite in a Frank Betz house

Frank Betz Associates has over 100 years of combined experience. If there’s a style of home you’re thinking of, chances are we designed a house plan to fit. Our multi-generational housing plans can be built with an in-law suite or older child suite as well as additional optional upgrades. Upgrades like a bedroom with its own living area and a separate garage are ways we make it easy to provide a sense of privacy for additional family members, extended family, and vacationing guests. There’s also the option for larger doorways and hallways to help with higher traffic areas throughout the home. You won’t have to worry about personal space with these homes or feeling squeezed in. 


We’ve made it a priority to design the in-law suites and offer additional upgrades to accommodate the many reasons for transitioning to this style of home. This popular style of plan isn’t going anywhere, and the reasons for building them can vary widely. Some common reasons would be to take care of an elderly parent or have an adult child move for financial reasons, to live close to their college, or a major life change. People with parents in their retirement age can save thousands on a retirement home by opting for multi-generational living. Sometimes elderly parents will even help with the down payment or mortgage on the new home. Another useful reason for building this style of home is a private work-from-home space with a separate entry, so you’re not stressing over “bringing work home.” 

Frank Betz allows you to revise a house plan to fit multi-generational home needs

With Frank Betz Associates, you can revise our plans to accommodate whatever your family needs. There’s more than one way to design a home that’s right for every family member. Maybe you’d like larger kitchen areas with varying height counters, additional living room areas, or separate access to backyards.


Whether it be a multi-generational home with an in-law suite or a single-family home with an extended back porch, we’ve got you covered! Understanding the benefits of different styles of homes will help prepare you for your next home build, and we’re prepared to answer any questions you may have. We’d also be honored to help design the home of your dreams inside and out. When you’re ready to begin your new home journey, connect with us by phone, email, or online. We’re happy to help!

The Perfect Floor Plans For Vacation Views

Whether you’re looking to build your primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment property, the first thing most consider is location, location, location. This is a common phrase used by real estate agents and investors alike because it really is one of the most important aspects of building a home. The location you decide to build on is probably based on several things, like proximity to conveniences, the lifestyle of the area, and the surrounding views or scenery.


Once you’ve selected the lot of land you’d like to build on, the next step to consider is the house design, square footage, and, more importantly, the floor plan. The floor plan you choose is important because you want to be able to fully maximize the gorgeous views of the location you’ve fallen in love with. Frank Betz Associates has numerous floor plans to choose from that can do just that. Here we’d like to highlight three floor plans we think would be ideal for a vacation home.


Allegheny – Luxury Holiday Living

The Allegheny offers plenty of room to enjoy a fun-filled family vacation. Whether it’s near a glistening lake or high in the mountains, this floor plan allows for beautiful views and quality family time. As soon as you walk into the front door, there’s a streamlined view through the great room into the porch. A set of French doors leads the way to this covered porch with its own fireplace for a cozy, chilly night. There’s also an entrance through the master bedroom for an even cozier night watching the sunset with your partner. 


If you’ve chosen to spend the holidays with a group of families or if your family is particularly large, this floor plan boasts several sleeping areas and spots for entertainment. Depending on the weather, you can host a huge family dinner in the dining room, lower level terrace, or out on the deck. Build your own mountain of memories playing board games or other fun activities in the oversized recreation area or separate game room.


From the deck to the porches to the terrace, there are ample areas to choose from to view every angle of the beautiful scenery wherever you build. 


Glenville Overlook – The Peaceful Re(tree)t

The Glenville Overlook floor plan is ideal for vacations in the mountains and cooler climates. Here you can invite friends and family to enjoy a relaxing vacation. With several bedrooms, a bunk room, a bonus room, and a computer nook, there’s room for everyone. Every room is built to let in an abundance of natural light. Wake up early to the fresh smell of trees or ponder over a vast hillside. This floor plan is perfectly built for sloping lots, hills, and mountain sides. 


After a long day of adventure, take advantage of the expansive front screened-in-porch or back deck. Grab a quick nap or catch a cool breeze while reading a good book. This floor plan also features a detached garage that can be placed on the building site where it won’t obstruct a fabulous view. You’ll find another sweet retreat on a quaint porch located off the mudroom and breezeway. You can spend hours enjoying the views from multiple areas of the home, all while relaxing in your glorious, spacious vacation property.


Lake Pointe – Warm & Welcoming

The durable materials used to build the Lake Pointe floor plan make it the perfect selection for any climate. Its exterior design alone incites a warm and inviting feeling. The front porch is donned with timber columns and on stone pedestals that invite guests to settle in its cozy atmosphere. After stepping through the front door, you’ll find a wide open concept that provides an easy flow through the home’s main spaces. It also gives a straight line of sight to the covered back porch, bringing the outside views in. Large window groupings also allow ample natural light to flow throughout the first floor.


If you’ve chosen a lot near water, mountains, or golf course views, this floor plan is a delightful choice as the master suite is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the magnificent views. With a large kitchen island and a grand room, you’ll be able to host many family gatherings. Additionally, the terrace level bedrooms and family room allow extra space for movie nights or simply relaxing for the evening. Use the covered porch as another extra living area and enjoy the outdoors in any weather. The rest of the additional square footage on this lower level provides tons of storage space so you and your family can keep items safe for every time you visit.


Wherever you choose to build and for whatever purpose, you’ll find a Frank Betz house plan to exceed your expectations. Finding the right floor plan for your vacation home is even easier with the multiple filter options you’ll see on our website. We hope you’ll consider one of these highly recommended floor plans, but if you still need help searching, give us a call at 888-717-3003 or connect with us online today. We’re happy to help!

Love Your Floor Plan AND Its Exterior

Building a new home is a big investment, and it’s understandable that you’d want it to look just as you envisioned. The opportunity to choose where it will be built, the floor plan, the exterior options, and the design finishes are all important decisions you get to make when building your dream home. And at Frank Betz Associates, we don’t take those decisions lightly.


We want you to love your floor plan inside just as much as you love it outside. Here we’ll take a look at an example floor plan that shows that you don’t have to sacrifice the floor plan you love for the exterior you want. With Frank Betz Associates, you can have both! 


Huntington Ridge House Plan

When you first choose a house plan, you’ll look at a lot of different factors. You may consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate family members and potential guests. You’ll also take a look at the overall size of the house to make sure there’s room for other things you might do day-to-day, like an early morning routine in the breakfast area.


Now, imagine you’ve found Huntington Ridge, the house plan that fits your lifestyle and needs perfectly. But then you realize you don’t love the way it looks on the outside. Don’t worry! You can modify the outside to fit the exterior aesthetic you are looking for. You’ll still have the same number of rooms and floor layout, but now with an outside view, that feels right for your preferred style. The Huntington Ridge house plan offers 3 different elevations, each with their own unique touches, to choose from. 


Elevation A

This elevation option caters to a gorgeous, classy look. Its brick construction adds a historic, timeless beauty to the exterior. Also, brick is an optimal choice for keeping the house highly soundproof and weather resistant. This is perfect for those light sleepers and late-night entertainers. 


The house features gabled dormers to ensure enough natural light can beam throughout the top floor rooms. This feature is also a way to preserve the roof as it allows rainfall and snow to easily drain off, keeping it from collecting and building up. The colonial-style windows also allow an abundance of natural light to flow through the first floor and add to the classic, traditional appearance.


Elevation B

The elevation B option of this house plan beautifully blends brick and wood wall cladding to provide an elegant, classic look. Mixing these two natural materials adds a nice balance of different textures to the home. Not only does this exterior catch the eye with a mix of materials, but the flattened eaves across the top of the dormer windows give this exterior a different character. This elevation also uses an arching detail between the columns that perfectly frames the front door and windows beside it.


Hosting various sizes of windows, the board and batten shutters on each side of the house add symmetry and balance to the exterior. It lends itself to a more modern house design by connecting the different materials used for the exterior. This sophisticated element looks aesthetically pleasing and adds value to the home overall.


Elevation C

The third elevation option, C, has a unique set of features to make it stand out from the other two. It’s a delightful country cottage equipped with a mainly wood material exterior. The front elevation of this option is a bit more simplistic with the traditional triangular gables, giving it a refreshing, welcoming look. Like the other elevations, this one includes multiple windows in various sizes to enhance the highly sought-after natural light most people want within a new home.


There are a couple of particularly nice additions to this elevation that make it so special. But the ones that stand out the most are the decorative window accents and the window boxes. The window designs used in this house plan elevation add an elegant touch to the overall look. It’s a small detail that makes a huge impact on the house’s exterior, making it much more visually appealing. Another special feature is the window box option. They offer another level of texture and dimension to the home, creating an exciting, eye-catching element.


Endless Options

When you build a new home with Frank Betz Associates, you’ll be able to mix and match an array of exterior options to create the home you’ve been dreaming of inside and out. We offer an extensive selection of house plans and house plan elevations. Whether you want a dreamy cottage or a rustic farmhouse, we’ve got the resources to make it happen. 


If you have additional questions about how we personalize and build our homes, don’t hesitate to connect with us online or call us at 888-717-3003. Don’t hesitate to reach 

How To Do A Craftsman House Plan Right

Some things truly never go out of style. Like the ever popular Craftsman house plan. Built out of the early 1900s Arts and Crafts movement, the Craftsman style homes were a rebellion against the mass-produced, excessive, ornate Victorian styles that were popular at the time.


It’s not hard to see why this house plan is still among one of the top-selling house plan styles we offer at Frank Betz Associates. We make sure to stay true to the architectural simplicity while implementing a modern twist by featuring several key characteristics of this style such as wide porches, thick support columns, low-pitched roofs, and exposed beams.


When building a new Craftsman house plan, it’s important to note that while this style of home already stands out with its unique architectural features and designs, there are a few different ways to make yours even more outstanding and eye-catching.


A Carefully Chosen Color Palette

Though the Craftsman house plan can stand out on its own, choosing the right color palette can highlight many of its architectural details. Playing with nature-inspired color combinations typically goes well with these house plans, so think of using shades of green, brown, and other earthy tones. This is a great way to keep the home feeling welcoming and warm before stepping inside.


If you prefer a more modern look, you can still highlight the uniqueness of these homes by using grays, navy, and cooler tones. Then use white or off-white for the trim and columns to really pop against the main home color.


Most importantly, when it comes to choosing a color palette, make sure to test different combinations and see how they look together. Play around with different tones for different elements of the home to see how they work, especially in the sunlight. Luckily, many of our Craftsman style homes are made with natural materials like stone, brick, and wood, which gives a nice starting point to build the colors from. 

Low-Key Landscaping

One of the major keys to creating an appealing view of a Craftsman house plan is by sticking to the KIS (keep it simple) method. Overcrowding of bushes and shrubbery, unless a natural part of the lot, can bury the beautiful craftsmanship of the home. Think about planting smaller bushes, flowers, and greenery native to the area you live in. Also, place the plants in unique patterns along the exterior of the home to enhance the overall appearance.


Another important aspect of the landscaping for this style of home is the walkway and wide porch. There are many opportunities to embellish the natural elements of its architecture without going overboard. You could create the walkway using the same elements used in the home’s exterior, like stone or brick, or you could frame the walkway with complementing flowers, plants, and rocks. The porch lends room for plants as well, but remember that less is more when it comes to landscaping.


Keeping It Natural

It’s easy to get excited about setting up the decor of the interior of this house plan due to its open concept focused on building the rooms off of a centrally located family room or living room. When it comes to the exterior, it can be difficult to decide what will look best with this already attractive architectural design.


Things like lighting, porch furniture, and hardware can truly make the home feel more inviting and cozy for family and guests alike. A lantern is a simple touch that can add quite an impact to lighting the entrance. Keep in line with the natural materials of the home and bring in more warmth by selecting bronze and copper details. You can also create a sense of a cozy feel through Craftsman-styled furniture that you know will seamlessly fit the style of the home. 


Building a new Craftsman house plan with Frank Betz Associates is the start to having a quality-crafted, timeless home style with modern touches that stands out from the average conventional home style. When you’re ready to build, we’re ready to help. You can begin your search by viewing our myriad of Craftsman house plan options on our website or by contacting us at 888-717-3003.

Main Level Master House Plans

You deserve to enjoy a brand new home that’s not only designed to your standards of quality, but designed to fit your lifestyle. In one of our Main Level Master Home Plans, you’ll get to experience the many benefits of a master bedroom on the main floor!


What are the benefits of Main Level Master House Plans?

Happier mornings.

There’s something a little magical about waking up feeling refreshed, and enjoying a good cup of coffee before the day begins. In a home with a master suite on the main floor, you can step outside of your bedroom and walk right into the kitchen, enjoy a cup of coffee, then go right back into your bedroom to get ready for your day without having to climb up and down stairs.


A brighter future.

Having a master on the main floor means your home is built to age with you in place. While stairs may not be an obstacle now, it’s nice to know your home will be just right for years to come.

Guests are welcome.


A main level master suite could also be perfect for an aging parent, a caregiver, or even a child who has moved out and returned. It’s quite nice being able to provide guests with their own space, especially their own bathroom.

Perfect for Privacy.

Whether your main floor master will be your own bedroom, a guest/in-law suite, a home office, or something else, it’ll be sure to provide a desirable sense of privacy. Maybe you’d appreciate distance from your teenager, or need a secluded area to get some work done. The possibilities are endless!


Meet Our Most Popular Main Level Master Designs

Haddington (2,300 sq ft)

Open, light-filled main floor

Private owner’s suite

Welcoming front porch

Large vaulted rear porch perfect for outdoor living


Selwyn Park (2,906 sq ft)

1st floor guest suite

Spa-like master bath

Laundry accessible from master closet

3 car garage


Ruskin Place (3,839 sq ft)

Carport and detached garage

Main level guest suite

Powder room with access to the rear yard, perfect for a swimming pool

Upstairs bonus accessible by rear staircase, perfect for a home office


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Mayhem: Our Top Home Plan Competition Recap

The exciting Top Home Plan Competition has come to a close, and it is not an overstatement to say that it was a nail-biting month of mayhem!


2,000-2,500 sq. ft. Competition

We kicked it off with the 2,000-2,500 sq. ft. division. It was a close match, but we saw victories from Longview, Highland Point, Hickory Flat, and Shoal Pointe.

Longview continued their hot streak where they ousted Highland Point. Unfortunately, Longview fell to the very worthy Hickory Flat, but not without a good fight.



Congratulations to Hickory Flat on their impressive win in the final round. The Hickory Flat house plan fulfills the wish list of today’s most discerning home buyers, so it’s not surprising they took the crown.

2,500-3,000 sq. ft. Competition

The first round of the tournament featured a number of exciting wins along with a few historic upsets. We saw Shaker Heights, Embry Hills, Brookfield Walk, and Selwyn Park walk away winners in the first round.

Heading into round two, we saw an impressive battle, with Shaker Heights and Brookfield Walk progressing to the final match.

The championship featured a powerful showdown on Instagram, with Shaker Heights, our beloved classic farmhouse plan, ultimately pulling ahead as our second Top Home Plan national champion of 2022.

Cheers to all the contenders and thank you to the fans for tuning in! And of course, everyone’s a winner with a Frank Betz Associates Home Plan!


How to Build a House on a Tricky Lot

With the housing shortage across the country, many families have turned to building their own homes. It’s a great way to make sure your home fits your family’s needs and your personal style as well! 


One of the first steps to building a house is finding the lot to put it on. There isn’t unlimited space and sometimes you have to settle for an unusually shaped lot or one with additional obstacles. 


Some homeowners with tricky lots worry that their new house won’t work in that space. But it doesn’t have to be a problem! We’ve put together this guide to help you build a great new home on the trickiest lot. 


Gather All the Information


The most important preparation step for a home building project is gathering all the information about the lot for the house. This includes the size, shape, trees, slopes, and any other pertinent details. 


Once you have a good picture of what the lot entails, you can get to work coming up with solutions for any issues. 


We recommend getting a thorough, professional survey so you don’t run into surprises that will set your build back significantly. It’s important to know what pitfalls are ahead so you can prepare to save the end result. 


Choose the Optimal Floor Plan


Once you know what obstacles you’re up against, it’s important to cater your floor plan choice to work around them. 


This might mean choosing a plan that is long and narrow instead of wide. Or it could mean making the garage detached and in the back of the lot instead of the traditional space. Or adding the driveway along the side. There are a lot of ways to be creative and customize the floor plan to fit your exact space. 


Prepare for Compromise


While there are creative solutions to be found when designing a house with a tricky lot, it’s important to be realistic as well. There is no house building project completed without some compromise, which is especially true with an unconventional lot. 


Just remember it’s okay to stray a little from the typical steps to choosing a floor plan to make things work for your situation. When you have realistic expectations, it’s easier to handle the twists and turns that will surely come! 


How to Build a House on a Tricky Lot


It might take a little bit more creativity to build a house on a tricky lot but the results can be just as satisfying. You’ll be able to enjoy a brand new space that is full of your design choices and fits your family’s needs.


These kinds of situations are why it’s so important to work with professional home builders who can walk you through the entire process. They can give you advice and creative solutions based on their knowledge, expertise, and experience with these types of situations. That help is invaluable when working on a construction project! 


If you’re interested in seeing more of what we can do for you and your tricky lot, contact us today!